How to plan for a side enterprise while working on your day job

Education, Financial, Investment / Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Starting an enterprise at any level requires extensive planning and a strong drive to bring it to any modicum of success. However, if your attention is divided between your enterprise and a full time day-job, you also have to be extra dexterous to make sure you do not fail at either of these responsibilities.

There are certainly advantages to starting a side business along with your day job.

  1. Financial advancement
  2. Opening up to more professional options
  3. Increase in social connections through professional networking
  4. Cultivating a long-standing hobby or a special interest through the business.

Before you take one-step further, ask yourself just how much you want this enterprise to succeed. You have to keep at it with the same intensity with which you start. Success will take time and you will need to hustle up a wealth of patience to allow yourself that duration even in the face of a slow take off on the business front. Once you are through this step, here are a few tips to jazz up your financial and structural planning for a new side business along with a full time job.

Market research and validation – Start with a plumbed coffee maker research to sense the product or service demand that actually exists for your business. This is critical to ensure that you have a target audience to pitch to. Further, you need at least a few paying customers to actually help validate your business idea to yourself. A small group or even a couple off paying customers will help you grasp the line of interest that your target audience will have towards your idea. Building on that lone of interest, you can then plan your business model along with the PR and advertising for your products or services.

Setting milestones to carve out your progress – Pre-determined milestones will keep you on track with a deadline forcing you to launch various aspects of your business eventually. Starting any enterprise is often a slow process, primarily because there is nothing much driving the issue beyond your own determination. Launch timelines will have a tangible effect on your focus and drive for the business.

Plan for work delegation beyond your expertise – You do not have to handle all aspects of your business singlehandedly. At some points, hiring an expert consult can actually help you save more money than the hiring costs. It will also speed up the business launch and subsequent flow. Make sure you have a certain section on your initial budget to bring in expert consultants where and whenever necessary to establish your side enterprise.